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Enjoy Healthy food at Quirky Marvel Themed Cafe

Are you a Marvel fan?

If yes, then we have a crazy news for you, Surat has its own cafe that is dedicated to all the Marvel fans. You can get your superhero fix while hogging on to the scrumptious food at the cafe. We are talking about MARVEL RESTRO, Surat’s first comic themed cafe.

Placed outside the cafe, is the statue of HULK who gives you a ferocious welcome as if asking you to go and enjoy healthy food and get strong. The moment you enter the cafe, the brightly lit spacious cafe the superhero posters that line the walls and pillars amazes you to the core.

Marvel Restro

So let that superhero inside you shout out by ganging up with your clan and visit this totally unique conceptualized cafe MARVEL RESTRO.

We Created best dinning experience for you & your family


Just like our superheroes who are super healthy and fit, this places serves food that is healthy and appetizing at the same time. Don’t believe it?

But that is absolutely true their pastas, pizzas and breads are prepared out of whole wheat and stuffed with veggies. They serve an array of food that includes Italian, Mexican along with sandwiches, salads, Mocktails, Smoothies, Shakes and much more.